Under the mantle of our Lady, the Mystical Rose.

Welcome To RM Mantilla, Offering Unique Chapel Veils For Traditionally-Minded Catholic Women And Girls. It is our goal to help to restore the beautiful, age-old Catholic tradition of veiling at church before the Blessed Sacrament. 
Your Gift With Each Veil Purchase: Our Chapel Veil Pouches! Keep Your Veils Looking Brand New .
Here at Rosa Mystica Mantilla, we hand-sew most veils in our own home, paying loving attention to detail and quality. If you are having what we call a “veil emergency” and need your veil right away, we recommend that you visit our Etsy boutique, where selected styles are ready to ship in three days. If you would like to order the veils on this site, please keep in mind that it will often take 20 business days (or 30 for international orders) for us to complete most orders and reach your home.
Styles offered: Spanish veils, French veils, wrap style veils, oval chapel veils, half-circle veils, triangular veils, rectangular veils, chapel caps, dinner plate veils, princess style veils, shell shaped veils.

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